For many, ceremonial Kakao is a new and at the same time amazing raw material.
Its preparation is not complicated.

And as with every new start, there is also a lot to discover, learn and spill here.
At the same time, the preparation of Kakao can be a ritual in itself and prepare you for a time of connection, well-being and joy.

Take the time to experience the cocoa with your senses when preparing it
and thereby welcome to your life.

So let's get started!


Warm up water or a plant-based milk substitute

This guarantees that all the nutrients in the cocoa are preserved for you and strengthen you. If possible, the medium should not boil, as otherwise part of the Kakao butter will separate from the Kakao and form a golden film over the surface.


Cut the Kakao mass down

By bringing it into smaller pieces, the Kakao dissolves faster and the dosage is easier. I usually use 30 grams of brown gold for a ritual cup. For a delicious drinking cocoa for everyday life, 20 - 25 grams are enough.


Gently give the Kakao into the hot liquid and give it time to dissolve completely

At first lumps will form, which after a little stirring and stoic patience will turn into a homogeneous, silky drink. This time is perfect for taking a few deep breaths and feeling your intentions for your Kakao with your senses.


Now is the time for spices

The delicate cocoa butter is an excellent flavor carrier for spices from all over the world. Get creative and let your intuition guide you through your spice rack. It is particularly useful to add a little black pepper or cayenne to stimulate the metabolism and make your body receptive to the flood of nutrients.


Pour the creation into a nice cup and make yourself comfortable in your favorite place

Let all your senses have their say when drinking. Breathe deeply and relaxed. Visualize your intention and feel it in your body. Your body knows exactly what is good for you and the Kakao gives you a wonderful internal communication.


Let the magic happen

Let the Kakao work on your mind and body. The next few hours can be filled with ideas, strong feelings and creativity. So have something ready to write. Feel the opening of your heart space and enjoy the feeling of being held.

The detoxifying component is working in the background. So drink plenty of water to support this process and always listen carefully to your body.

I wish you infinite amounts of joy!