Preparation for the cocoa ceremony

A few hours remain until we enter our sacred space together
and fill it with life!

With all my heart I feel honored to bring you closer to this wonderful medicinal plant called cocoa and to immerse yourself with you in a non-judgmental space, in which everything can be and you are more than welcome.


In preparation for this ritual, I recommend that you avoid caffeine on the day of the ceremony. The last heavy meal is best taken 4-5 hours in advance so that your body can fully adjust to the cocoa.

After the ritual you can enjoy whatever you feel like.

Your space

Make yourself comfortable and create a space in which you can be undisturbed. Prepare a blanket, a water bottle, and writing materials. Make sure you have a nice light and a nice scent if you like. It is important that you feel comfortable.


You prepare the cocoa yourself before the ritual.

Instructions can be found at

I can't wait to see YOU.


Do you still have questions about ceremonial cocoa?