From the tree
to the heart

Imagine you're a Belizian Kakao bean.
You hang around for up to half a year until you are finally ripe and pickable.
But how should it go on with you then?


If you are lucky enough to be part of my Kakao, you will first be washed thoroughly, then dried by the sun. You are spared the fermentation because this way you keep all your flavonoids, stay alive and are as rich in antioxidants as possible.


When you are nice and dry, you will be packed with all your brothers and sister in big sacks and sent to the high seas. This can take 3-4 months, but afterwards you can rightly claim that you got around quite far.


When you finally arrive in the port of Hamburg, I will pick you up personally and make sure that you and your siblings are fine and that you all look as dazzling as I dreamed of.


After a little small talk I bring you and your family to my home in Würzburg. There the exciting part starts: a careful roast, removal of the husk and the grinding. Do not worry, it won't hurt, on the contrary: you get to merge with all your siblings who have become fond of you on the trip! Warmed slightly, you now form a precious, creamy and wonderfully fragrant unit. After you get into your unique shape it's time to chill.
At room temperature you are nice and sturdy again and are firmly determined. With attitude this you have qualified for environmentally friendly packaging.


Wrapped up in a sustainable way and beautifully decorated, you feel ready to set off. Where do you think you will land? Maybe you'll end up with me at a loving festival. There you can evoke a smile on the lips of unknown friends as the main ingredient of delicious drinks.

Or, a mysterious stranger purchases you in my little online shop and is really looking forward to fishing you and your siblings out of his mailbox.

Either way - happy ending, don't you think?