Origin and story

Why actually?

My declared goal as a cocoa ambassador is to preserve this wonderful plant for the environment
and humanity most compatible, to bring the way to the people who need this medicine.
For me, this is primarily the population of the industrialized countries (including me). Because it is us
who can generate rapid change in the world through our privilege and our purchasing power.

I would like to create a value chain from the value chain,
in which every single link in the chain receives its recognition, reward and respect.
Starting with the cocoa farmer and his country, through to Misch and my team
to you and your home.

On this basis, I am currently working with two different types of cocoa from two different environmentally and socially responsible projects.

And here you can find out what they are and why I choose them:


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I have been in contact with Jan from Original Beans since 2020. As Conservation Cacao Leader , it is his mission to identify and preserve the rarest and finest cocoa in the world and to create the infrastructure so that these special beans are also recognized by us. The demand generated can save these rare cocoa from extinction and preserve it for posterity.

With the Sourced As Original Beans  Standard from Jan and his team, they guarantee sustainable treatment of the environment, people and natural resources on various levels. Jan is in personal contact with the local cooperatives and farmers, which I hope to visit personally soon.

Original Beans do their best to bring fair and sustainable cocoa into the world.
With over 13 years of experience and personally supervised projects in Pan-America and Africa, they show the greatest possible excellence in their approach.

It is therefore an honor and a pleasure for me to welcome Original Beans as my business partner.
For the first collaboration, I decided on the Peruvian from her range of outstanding, original beans, called Piura Blanco.

Click here for the fact sheet about this unique bean.

And afterwards you will find a few impressions of the project
as well as the people behind it.


Belize (on hold)


At the beginning of 2019, I went on my cocoa trip to the tiny country of Belize, east of Mexico. 
While doing my studies on a cocoa-focused permaculture farm, I hear that there is an organic cocoa cooperative in the region.

The Toledo Cacao Growers Association, abbreviated TGCA, is committed to ensuring that cocoa farmers in the region receive the necessary infrastructure, good prices and general support.

After a brief contact with a representative of the TGCA, I sit in a pickup truck and cross the jungle with him to pick up cocoa from various farming families and watch how the children play with the chickens under the cocoa trees and the diversity of the farms.

After a full day of farmer encounters, it seemed obvious to me that I wanted to support these people with my vision. So I shook hands with half a ton of cocoa and the adventure began. 

Here are a few impressions of my trip, the cocoa and the people.