At the beginning of 2019, my Kakao trip takes me to the tiny country of Belize, east of Mexico.
While I am carrying out my studies on a permaculture farm with Kakao focus, I hear that there is an organic Kakao cooperative in the region. The Toledo Cacao Growers Association, abbreviated TGCA , is committed to ensuring that the Kakao farmers in the region receive the necessary infrastructure, good prices and general support.

After a brief contact with a representative of the TGCA, I get to sit in a pickup truck and cross the jungle with him,
to collect Kakao from different farming families and to watch how the children play with the chickens under the Kakao trees and in what variety the farms shine. After a whole day of farmers' encounters, it seemed obvious to me that I would like to support these people with my vision. So I gave my handshake for half a ton of Kakao beans and the adventure started. :)


I was there myself and chose my beans well. When I shook hands with the farmers in the jungle, I quickly realized that I wanted to support them with my idea.

My beans come exclusively from small scale organic farmers in the Maya Mountains in the south of Belize.

The TGCA farmers' cooperative I work with pays more than fair prices to the farmers and pays them directly on the spot.

Family, neighbors and friends of the farmers help with the harvest and benefit from the earnings together.

Since the TGCA does not yet have the machinery to process their beans themself, I decided to try it on my own.

Since then, I have been processing my beans in a personal ritual, guaranteeing the highest degree of delicacy and care.

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