About Mischa

Belly landing

September 11, 1992 - a tiny Mischa sees the light of day. In a Ukrainian city called Dnepropetrovsk.


The German Republic welcomes him with open arms. Nobody asked him if he wanted to live in it at all. Well, make the best of it.

Finally done

His school days are not glorious, but he does get a high school diploma. Maybe he's just not the brightest candle on the cake?

Took a leap

The journey in South America takes him to a new world of possibility and culture. He can make mistakes and find out who he is. Freedom becomes very important to him.


Cocoa grows on his heart. So much so that he dedicates a trip of discovery to her.
He dares to step into the unknown.


People are realizing the value of ceremonial cocoa for this time and Misha accepts his responsibility to share it with the world.

First cocoa contact

He developed an affection for Kakao early on. White shirts, on the other hand, don't seem particularly practical.

Older Brother

The fact that he is no longer the only chick in the barn doesn't bother him. On the contrary! Finally an opportunity to take responsibility.

Studied something

He enjoys studying, but not because of the interesting lectures. With his degree, he's almost as smart as before.

On the way

India opens up new perspectives for him. Yoga reveals to him a way of life that Western cultures could not show him.

Got started

Mischa dares to go public with his cocoa and always shows himself from his chocolate side. Newspaper articles included.

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