Sophia is a mythical creature. Her nymph-like presence fills every room with harmony, harmony and love. Your aura can be felt from afar.

It took me a little time to welcome this particularly sensitive person into the cocoa circle. Because the quality that Sophia brings to me in the first place is that of depth. Depth in feeling, in being and also in connection.

I appreciate Sophia's thoughtful and graceful manner very much and I trust deeply in her work in cocoa production. In doing so, I not only see the material output, but also (if not more) the energetics on deeper levels. The awareness that flows through them into the cocoa and ultimately into your and my cup. As a nutritionist and health coach, she can shine with her expertise in nutrition.

What a gift!

Sophia is still a mystery to me, and a very fabulous one at that. I'm following our co-creation with excitement and already have the feeling that the universe has something very special in store for us in terms of cooperation. And until that happens, we can continue to enjoy the cocoa that she has lovingly processed and packaged.

Thank you Sophia for bringing your whole being into cocoa and for cultivating the vision of a healed and conscious world together.

Would you like to contact Sophia?

Write her here on Instagram at @sophiassoulfood or send an email to with the subject "For Sophia".