Ceremonial Kakao in its heartiest form.

150g Kakao mass correspond to 5 ceremonial, effective drinks or 7-8 tasty drinking chocolates.


Kakao is a raw material that has been cultivated and honored by mankind for thousands of years. She's at home in rituals, prayers and meditation. And she doesn't just look fabulous...


My Kakao is:

  • made from 100% unfermented, ecological Kakao beans
  • biodynamically grown in family farms
  • processed by me gently by hand & packaged sustainably
  • made in deep gratitude and with dedication


My Kakao carries:

  • a lot of magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and much more
  • a mild and full-bodied taste
  • numerous endogenous messenger substances, so-called bliss molecules such as Anandamide
  • 1224mg finest Theobromine per 100g
  • plenty of delicious, energizing Kakao butter


Brothers and sisters use my cocoa far beyond German borders for their rituals, coaching, performance and energy work. Open yourself to its effect and experience your true self, flow and deep connection.


Important: My Kakao is and remains a natural product and therefore appears naturally and perfectly in its own way. Even though we are used to receiving things exactly as they do appear on screens, I ask for your understanding of the uniqueness of nature and slight deviations from the Polished product image.


Nutritional values

Heartshaped Diamond - Ceremonial Kakao Mass

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  • The Kakao mass comes packed in natural material and marked with gratitude. If you want her to stay with you as long as possible, I recommend the following:

    • Close airtight
    • Protect from direct sun
    • Store in a cool place


    Like this the Kakao can be kept for up to a year without any problems.
    If a whitish haze forms on the surface of the cocoa mass, there is no need to worry. This is Kakao butter that has made its way to the surface and has become crystalline there. Just give them a warm welcome.

    My Kakao is gluten, animal and sugar free . It is ideally suited for the ketogenic diet. Here are the nutritional values of my Kakao.

    Kakao can lead to increased focus and alertness due to the theobromine it contains. That is why I recommend drinking it at least 4 hours before going to bed in order to avoid insomnia.

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