"I believe in holiness; in the fire in everyone and I love to help you kindle it!"

Mia Kafka

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Describing Mia Kafka in words is like trying to spoon a soup with a fork. And yet I want to try:

Mia lives her essence. Mia is fire and she burns for truthfulness, love and life in its ups and downs. I have seldom met someone who is so unconditionally ready to feel what just wants to be felt and thus to get to the bottom of life again and again.

Fascinated by each other's being, Mia and I went on a 5-day trip to get to know each other in the forest. It was there that we realized how equal our visions are and how our work interlocks. This time was crowned by an intensive cocoa ceremony, which still resonates today.

Mia loves to fill rooms - with sensuality and authenticity. She confronts her fears with no make-up and raw, thereby encouraging others to do the same. To take the plunge into the unknown. Into the void of pure consciousness.

As part of my team, your job is to do just that. I have the honor of calling spaces into life, which are filled by them and give them the opportunity to develop and thus to have an effect.

With deep gratitude I therefore invite you
to go on a cocoa journey with Mia and experience your deepest self.
You won't regret it - I promise.

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