"Because love is to feel fully."

David Deida

Mary is on this earth to feel. Feelings are their engine, their destiny and their fate. She loves to talk, write, laugh and cry about it.

As a seminar leader, mediator, yoga teacher and emotion coach, she is definitely the best catch for sending our cocoa and the loving, emotional dedication on your package.

I can only guess what brought Maria into the cocoa world. Probably a mixture of curiosity and boredom. Or maybe a fortune cookie.

What I know for sure, however, is why she's sticking with it. Namely because of our wonderfully honest exchange and our shared vision of an open-hearted, free-flowing world.

To put it in their words:

It is time to feel your old emotions and get rid of their influence.

It's never too late for that. It's never too late for real peace
true love and your freedom.

From Maria's blog post The Truth About Your Heart

And true to these lines, Maria lives her life, with its ups and downs and opens up fully to whatever the universe has in store for her.
How nice that she lets me and others participate through her writing and work and thereby encouraging us to go our own way and
to cry our own tears.

I am convinced of Maria's way of being and enchanted by her togetherness with her daughter and her husband. Convinced of her merciless compassion and explicit taboos, as shown in her writing style.

Maria not only supports me on the shipping front, but also takes on the job as a cocoa columnist to regularly provide you and me with new emotional feed and impulses from the world of love, tantra and spirituality.


Then get in touch with Maria! She is happy.

Write to her on Instagram @emotionsbymary
or via their website