Kakao Ceremony

At Kakao ceremonies, people sit together and drink pure Kakao.
Why are you doing this? Because it's good for them.

On my trip through Central- and South America, apart from the finest beans, I came across just that.
And it should change my life forever. The concept of ceremony, also known as ritual .
You can read about how my ritual experiences in Latin America shaped me in my blog soon.

A ceremony is not a hocus pocus and does not have to be tied to a belief or substance.
The ritual is not something anyone has ever invented, but has been celebrated and used since the beginning of mankind to honor and realize.

From my own experience and research, three core components of the ceremony crystallize for me, which are also evident in Kakao ceremonies:



Inner alignment

This is the inner compass for the ritual. Just as a captain sets the course for a ship and heads towards its destination across waves, so the targeted choice of a personal intention can steer your life in the path that you feel right and important.

The Kakao serves as a intermediary to which you get share your deepest wish and by doing so to increase the chances that it will come true. Similar to when you throw a coin into a well, only that Kakao tastes better and, through its effects on body and mind, can set in motion the processes that empower us to achieve our goal actively.



Environment & implementation

Nobody can determine what a ritual should look like. Every person and every culture has its own customs. Thus, the ritual performed can take any shape and color. In my experience, rituals are most effective when they are permeated with acceptance and gratitude and thus give the participants a feeling of security and community. A nice and cozy environment is clearly an advantage. Expectations are advised stay outside.

Kakao is drunk at a Kakao ceremony. That's it. Nothing else is determined.
Thus, the Kakao ceremony offers a lot of scope to steer the energizing and inspiring effect of Kakao in the direction that feels right for us. Whether people sing, dance, speak or meditate depends entirely on the humans who gather around Kakao.

Yellow Water Lily


Influence & potential

You should by now be familiar with the fact that Kakao has an effect.
If not, >click here. It is always surprising for me that this effect can very well be potentiated through intention and ritual.

My explanation for this is that Kakao has its effect to the extent that we give it the space. And a Kakao ceremony is a clear space that we gently offer to Kakao. Without any expectations we let ourselves in for the effect of this wonderful plant and let her do her thing, so that we can leave the ceremonial space strengthened and inspired.

For me, the Kakao ceremony, along with other small rituals, has become one of my favorite things to do. Whether alone or with my partner, it gives me the opportunity to open up and actively trust that the goals that I set for myself find their way into my reality.

If you have any further questions regarding the Kakao ceremony or ceremonies in general, then just write me >here or on Facebook .

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Give it a try. :)