"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears"

Nelson Mandela

Lukas Holter, cocoa fan from the very beginning and mine
Solid as a rock in times of crisis.

I have been in close contact with Lukas for almost two years. What began as a business meeting at a curious networking event has developed in a cocoa crunch into a deep and loving friendship and co-creation.

As a coach , yoga teacher and expert in positive psychology , Lukas is at my side with words and deeds. Helps me to optimize processes, save costs and routes and make important decisions.

His drive to nature, music and growth inspires me
again and again. We share the vision of making the world healthier, more peaceful and more connected and thus form an honest and harmonious team.
And when we're not tinkering with cocoa, I happily accompany his passionate guitar playing with rhythmic tapping on my cajon. Gladly also as part of a cocoa ceremony.

I am deeply grateful to be able to go my way at Lukas' side and I am incredibly looking forward to working with him even more
To create wondrous things.

Feel free to contact Lukas and visit him at