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People of the heart

Welcome to a special and a little hidden corner of my website.

Here you have the opportunity to have beautiful cocoa hearts with a personal dedication, affirmation cards & flyers  To give away people who are particularly important to you and deserve your appreciation.

This can be clients, customers, family members and dearly loved ones.
Or maybe even (still) strangers?

First off : There are various ways in which we can work with you to realize your wish to show these people your sacred appreciation.


From hand to heart

Perfect for a few hearts, each with an individual dedication and shipment tracking.

from 1 to 10 hearts


List of hearts

The best option for a long list of loved ones with your uniform dedication.

from 5 to 100 hearts


It's up to you!

Exactly right if you want to package & send the hearts yourself!

from 5 to 100 hearts

Option 1: From hand to heart  

Depending on your patience, it makes sense from 1 to 10 hearts

With this gift variant, you order individually for each of your valued people and also pay for each heart individually. 

Advantage :
- The shipments are insured, you have insight into the tracking of the shipment and you know exactly when your gift will reach its destination.

- You can choose a different message / dedication for each broadcast.

Challenge :
- Some effort when ordering the individual shipments.


Option 2: the list of hearts

makes sense from 10 to 50 hearts

With this gift variant, you leave us a list with the addresses of your Send clients and / or customers an email to as well as a personal dedication in the comment field when ordering.

We take care of the rest!

Separate shipping costs
€ 4.15 shipping fee per order with address list
€ 2.70 maxi letter per shipment (included in the product price)

Advantage :
- Fast processing.
- Slightly cheaper shipping.

Challenge :

- Sending by us as a maxi letter, thus without shipment tracking.

- Uniform dedication selected by you for all addressees.


Option 3: it's up to you!  

From 5 to 100 hearts

It makes sense if you attach something else to the heart
or want to pack it according to your own wishes.

With this gift variant, you have the option of having a larger number of hearts sent to a single address with a volume discount, so that you can then send them on yourself. We are happy to enclose as many affirmation cards and flyers as you wish.

Let us know in the comment field. :)

Advantage :
- You decide 100% about the shipping method, scope and dedication of the parcel

- Cheaper price per heart
- The gift bears your handwriting

Challenge :
- Packaging & shipping are your responsibility


Special gift ideas for clients, customers, family members. <3


The ceremonial cocoa from the Peruvian jungle can be prepared individually and ensures a warm heart, relaxation and feelings of happiness.  


Sustainably packaged with love: The small and regional gifts with a big impact as a thank you for a good cooperation can also be personalized: with a personal dedication, affirmation card or flyer.

None of the 3 options mentioned meet your needs?
Contact us - we will be happy to make you an individual offer!

We look forward to hearing from you.


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