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Online cocoa ceremony with Mia: Get in Touch with the Spirit of Cocoa

A safe space to get in touch with the sacred & heart-opening medicine Mama Kakao.
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Online cocoa ceremony with Mia: Get in Touch with the Spirit of Cocoa

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04 Apr, 10:00 – 11:15

Über die Kakao Zeremonie

During this ritual, Mia gently accompanies you into the soulful world of Mama Kakao.

Together you enter the magical room where everything is allowed to be. Maybe it's there where you feel again what it is like to be really alive . Or you can experience the deep relaxation that spreads through you through the multitude of nutrients in cocoa.

With the help of simple, guided exercises, you can easily feel and let go . You don't need any previous experience in meditation and you don't have to be able to sit cross-legged. You can be exactly as you are now. You are welcome

This monthly ritual is for everyone who wants to come into contact with the world of cocoa for the first time and do something good for themselves. You are welcome to enjoy this ritual with your partner or friend and share this special experience.

Why a cocoa ceremony?

Cocoa is an ancient and magical herbal medicine that people have been consuming in rituals for thousands of years due to their healing and stimulating effects.

It supports you very gently and lovingly to dissolve blockages and allows you to get in touch with yourself. To be present. It encourages you to fully immerse yourself in life and to remember what you are here on earth for.

Cocoa is a wonderful gate opener to feel and enjoy the simple existence.

* This plant does not have any psychedelic effects.

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